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Kumamoto Ramen
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Kumamoto Ramen is an authentic experience of Japanese noodle soup that will give you a new perspective of Japanese ramen culture in town. The secrets of our tasty Ramen are in our soup and noodles made from selected ingredients with special techniques.

With our exceptional, unforgettable and delicious noodle soup that is found nowhere else in town, you will be sure to have a wonderful and addictive experience with us.

Hakata ramen originates in the city of Hakata, located northwest of Kyushu. The main distinguishing characteristic of Hakata ramen is the thick white soup made from pork bones, also called Tonkotsu soup (pork) ramen. Another difference is the finer noodles that are either straight or wavy. The decorative garnishes are simple: cha-shu, chopped green onions, red ginger and sesame seeds.

When pork bone (tonkotsu) is boiled for more than 12 hours, the broth (soup) becomes white, thick and rich in collagen which is a natural element for skin care.


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Ramen & Izakaya type dishes.


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(514) 935-0777

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